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The History of Cocktails: Whiskey Sour

The true origins of the Whiskey Sour are shrouded in mystery, like any great story. While the sour drink first emerged when the Royal Navy sailors mixed citrus with their beer or rum, to keep the scurvy away, credit for the birth of the Whiskey Sour is often given to the intrepid Englishman Elliott Stubb. Stubb's adventures led him to a Peruvian port town in the 1870's, where he opened a bar and experimented with whatever he could find. He eventually tried mixing the local limon di pica with whiskey and sugar. The result? A classic that balances sweet warmth and tart citrus.

Enjoy a high quality cocktail, anywhere you want it, in just 3 steps...


Choose your favorite NIO Cocktails and fill a glass with ice. Shake the pack.


Just pinch and tear the colored corner.


Pour into glass over ice, stir, and let stand for a minute for best flavor. Enjoy!