The 5 perfect cocktails for a perfect Autumn…at home

The 5 perfect cocktails for a perfect Autumn…at home

What are the best drinks o enjoy in the fall season? NIO has thought about it, creating an exclusive cocktail box for you to enjoy your relaxing Autumn evenings at home. Due to the fast shipping you can have your cocktailswhere you prefer, or choose them to make a unique gift.

Cocktails to enjoy the best of autumn

The sultry summer evenings are now a distant memory, but every season brings with it something beautiful: just have the right ingredients to face it!

Autumn is coming and carries magical smells and flavours : from cooking to nature, this season knows how to give us unique moments. Nature dresses in warm colours, while the air cools; in the kitchen they start to light the stove, smelling the house with aromas of cinnamon, apples and tasty risotto.  

The idea to go out in the open air is not so appealing, the sparkling air begins to become pungent and the desire to meet at home with their friends to spend relaxing evenings becomes stronger and stronger. Imagine that you can live all this with a special cuddle, the NIO Cocktails, selected for you to enhance the atmosphere of autumn at home.  

Here there’s a list of cocktails and recipes we have chosen for your special evenings, to enjoy at home, alone, with friends, or with whoever you want:

  1. Cosmopolitan
  2. Negroni
  3. Tea-Sour
  4. Manhattan
  5. Gimlet
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1. Cosmopolitan - the classic to be tasted in every season

Get carried away in the unique atmosphere of autumn in New York with the Cosmopolitan, the most glamorous cocktail in the world, the favourite one of New York City par excellence Carrie Bradshaw, protagonist of the timeless TV series "Sex and the city." Thanks to NIO, bring to your home the relaxation you need after a hectic day in the city and feel yourself the master of the Big Apple.

With its bright pink colour, the Cosmopolitan will capture you from the first glance and you can not help but capture it in a beautiful photo with your friends, in your evenings together. After the view, you will surely be satisfied by its balanced taste, between sweet and acid. Here are all the ingredients of the legendary Cosmopolitan:

  • Vodka Ketel One
  • Cointreau
  • Blueberry Syrup
  • Organic Citric Acid

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2. Negroni – The King of Campari Cocktails

The Negroni is a classic and timeless cocktail that can never miss, in any season, in your home bar. With Negroni you can’t go wrong: its bitter but balanced taste, makes it a cocktail loved by all, especially by those who seek strong flavours. Perfect for an aperitif but also to accompany a dinner with strong flavours, just like this cocktail, which goes well with spicy, with meat and mature cheeses. Surprise your guests with an autumn dinner, refreshed by a perfect cocktail.

Here are the ingredients of Negroni by NIO:

  • Gin Tanqueray
  • Vermouth Cocchi
  • Bitter Campari
  • Angostura

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3. Manhattan, the perfect cocktail for even the most sophisticated palates

A warm and intense drink. It’s perfect after a day spent out of the house in the cold. Treat it like a well-deserved cuddle, which wraps you like a soft blanket. Without forgetting the glamorous touch that makes this drinkone of the most ordered in cocktail bars all over the world. Invented in the heart of New York, it quickly spread throughout Europe, enjoyed as a delicious aperitif, or a relaxing after dinner. The warmth of the Bourbon Bulleit whiskey goes perfectly with the Cocchi Vermouth that gives it a hint of sweetness with clear vanilla and cinnamon notes . Ours Manhattan is created with 3 simple ingredients, but with a strong impact::

  • Bourbon Bulleit
  • Vermouth Cocchi
  • Angostura 

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5. Gimlet – When you miss a touch of freshness

Autumn can still give us some mild and warm days from the clear sky. Imagine you can still enjoy the fresh air, maybe during a lunch in the garden with friends. What immediately comes to mind is a fresh and aromatic cocktail, with asavoury aftertaste, as well as Gimlet. Perfect to match with fish, to replace the usual bottle of white wine, to impress your guests. The ingredients that NIO proposes for this cocktail are only two, but perfectly balanced:

  • Gin Tanqueray
  • Lime cordial

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