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At home or away, enjoy a high quality and exciting tasting experience with NIO Cocktails. Treat yourself or give someone you love a delightful sensory moment: our cocktails are created using the recipes of Patrick Pistolesi and shipped in designer packaging that is entirely recyclable.

The History of Cocktails: White Lady

The history of the gin-based White Lady cocktail, that initially it consisted of equal parts of creme de menthe, Cointreau and lemon, is disputed by most. Anyway, whoever reinvented the White Lady cocktail, wisely jettisoning the creme de menthe in favour of gin, made an absolute winner and settled on a drier and much more palatable serve: the gin, liqueur and lemon hit all the right notes, merging bracing botanicals with sweet orange and tart citrus. A true classic with simple elegance and balance.

Enjoy a high quality cocktail, anywhere you want it, in just 3 steps...


Choose your favorite NIO Cocktails and fill a glass with ice. Shake the pack.


Just pinch and tear the colored corner.


Pour into glass over ice, stir, and let stand for a minute for best flavor. Enjoy!