Gin Proved: a recipe for an exclusive cocktail by Patrick Pistolesi

Gin Proved: a recipe for an exclusive cocktail by Patrick Pistolesi

A classic and fresh Gin Sour, enriched by the Parfait Amour, liquor with a wonderful colour and a scent full of charm and refinement: rose petals, almonds and much more... Read all the way to find out its secrets and crazy history.
A drink dedicated to the most sophisticated Gin lovers, perfect for those moments in which we want to be guided by feelings that take us to distant places.

At NIO Cocktails we are mixologists. We continue together to explore the most spring drink list of NIO Cocktails.

We introduce you, ready to taste at home, our Gin Proved: created by our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi revisiting one of the most famous Sour.

Discover Gin Proved: exclusive recipe by Patrick Pistolesi.


Gin Proved. The mixology.

  • Tanqueray Gin: still following the traditional recipe of 1830, it is distilled four times and offers the optimal balance of the four classic herbs of Gin: the refreshing juniper, the peppery coriander, the aromatic angelica and the sweet liquorice.
  • Liquor Bols Parfait Amour:Bols is the label of one of the oldest distilleries in the world. It bears the name of the founder and the historical inventor of some famous liquors. To learn more about Parfait Amour... read the article: we don’t anticipate anything.
  • Citric acid: is a natural compound present in citrus fruits, especially in lemon, and is defined as a weak acid because it does not cause damage to health. For us it is a style choice: it allows to give the drink the right degree of flavour, leaving it at the same time clear and crystalline, in absolute coherence with the modern techniques of Mixology. Our citric acid is organic.
  • Liquid sugar: a totally natural 1:2 composition, that is a part of water and two of sugar. Obviously the best quality Made in Italy.

NIO Cocktails at home Gin Proved

Gin Proved. A unique cocktail to taste at home as if you were in one of the 50 best cocktails bars in the world.

The mixologist is a real art made of culture, history, a careful selection of ingredients, the study of their fragile balances, art of preparation and finally of perfect execution; a bit of experimentation does not hurt... many elements that make the perfect moment of tasting.
This strong belief in the culture of cocktail has brought together NIO Cocktails and Patrick Pistolesi with the common will to bring premium drinks to everyone’s homes, making democratic even the most sophisticated cocktails.

As for the music, the kitchen, the wine, even the cocktails have a great charm that little by little are bringing them under the light of the spotlight and that are entering by right among those small cuddles and passions that you do not want to do without..
Thanks to NIO Cocktail, there are now more occasions in which you can taste these fantastic creations, no longer only in the best cocktail bars in the world, but quietly in the comfort of your own home.

Experimenting is not for everyone. And you, Patrick, have decided to do it through the Gin Proved. A challenge not by little. 

The Gin Proved that I propose through NIO Cocktail is a drink to which I am very fond and which originates from the largest family of Sour we have already talked about and of which I am a great fan.
The history of the Sours comes from far away, made up of sailors and colonies, noblewomen and great adventurers. They are apparently simple drinks, but should be mixed carefully so as not to alter the balance. Actually, for the success of each cocktail is fundamental the perfect balance of the many flavours that compose it; in the case of Gin Proved we wanted to give a flavour, a scent, a touch of exotic to a great classic, the Gin Sour.

Would you tell us which ingredients you decided to use to create this unique drink to taste at home?

Let’s go step by step, let’s start talking about the ingredients that make this drink so special: first we have him, His Majesty the Gin, one of the five fathers of distillate oils, rich in history and personality, But I would suggest to postpone to another time the interesting story of this spirit that over the years has become one of the most drunk and appreciated in the world.

The real personal touch of this " revisited Gin Sour " is a particular ingredient, with a story as interesting as its taste... 
The second ingredient I used is a liqueur that is able to enrich this drink making it fragrant and complex, the Parfait Amour, which in turn comes from another famous liqueur, the Orange Curaçao.
Orange Curaçao is a liquor rich in history that dates back as far as 1500, when the Spanish brought the oranges of Seville to the island of Curaçao to begin the cultivation, an era of conquistadors and then pirates and corsairs.
The Orange Curacao was born in the homonymous Caribbean island and is used as an ingredient for many liqueurs
Orange Curaçao is made with the peels of these special oranges, whose bitter taste finds a perfect use in a sugar liqueur that immediately became famous all over the world and is used today for many classic cocktails. Among the first to understand the incredible potential of this liquor there are obviously the smartest merchants of the seven seas, the Dutch, and specifically Mr Bols who already trades liquors and uses it as a basis for creating others, including the parfait amour, Our second lead in Gin Proved.

Where did the idea of Parfait Amour come from?

Lucas Bols wanted to create a fragrant and unique elixir for ladies of high lineage, taking very expensive spices from all over the world such as Madagascar vanilla and almonds and then perfume it with rose petals and violet; At that time we can talk about a real alchemist’s work and the result is a fresh, exotic and fragrant drink, whose floral tones intoxicate us at every sip.
And for the NIO Cocktails Gin Proved, it also gives that unique violet colour.

NIO Cocktails brings home a truly unique cocktail. 

Here is the end of our cocktail: a generous dose of Gin, one of Parfait Amour and a proper balance between sugar and citric acid, for a unique drink as fresh as it is elegant, rich and complex, to drink at any time for a taste concert! 

Choose Gin Proved.


NIO Cocktails Gin Proved can not miss your home because it is a cocktail:

  • Sophisticated: Gin Proved has a very special colour and fragrance.
  • ExclusiveWith Gin Proved, you bring home a cocktail at home that is worthy of the best cocktail bars in the world: for ingredients, blending and perfect balance of ingredients. Irreplicable.
  • To tell: Return to friends and friends and enchant them by telling them the interesting story that Patrick shared with us, a story made of gin, corsairs, noblewomen and especially the Parfait Amour: literally "perfect love", made of rose petals, almonds and exotic scents... by true connoisseurs and tasters.