Valentine's Day 6-cocktail box


A gift box with 6 much-loved cocktails to set the mood on Valentine’s.

Key Ingredients:

Old Fashioned 29.3% Vol | Cosmopolitan 22% Vol | Purple Breeze 20.2% Vol | Daiquiri 23.2%Vol | Negroni 22% Vol
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A gift box with 6 much-loved cocktails to set the mood on Valentine’s Day.

Finally – premixed cocktails to fall head over heels for, presented in a beautiful gift box for you or your Valentine. It contains 6 of our most crushed-on cocktails: the Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Margarita, Gin Proved and the Old Fashioned. Serve them as part of your at-home dinner menu, or send them to someone you have a soft spot for. 


A hall-of-fame cocktail with tangy-sweet cranberry notes and Ketel One Family Made Vodka.


A tart, tangy Mexican classic with Tequila Exotico Blanco, Cointreau and a pinch of salt.


The classic, refreshing combination of premium white rum and citrus.

Old Fashioned

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey with a dash of aromatic and orange bitters.


An Italian classic with Tanqueray London Dry Gin, notes of orange peel, clove and a cheeky hint of bitterness.

Purple Breeze

Rose and violet petal notes give a floral taste to this cocktail with Tanqueray London Dry Gin.

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

At home or away, enjoy a high quality and exciting tasting experience with NIO Cocktails. Treat yourself or give someone you love a delightful sensory moment: our cocktails are created using the recipes of Patrick Pistolesi and shipped in designer packaging that is entirely recyclable.

The History of Valentine's Day 6-cocktail box

We’ve handpicked these cocktails because they’re the most requested by cocktail lovers. Any self-respecting bartender will know how to make them exceptionally well and luckily for you, so does our expert mixologist. In fact, our versions have either received numerous five-star reviews, or won multiple awards. They’d make a fantastic gift, and will definitely win over your Valentine.