Romantic LOVE Cocktail Box

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Have your Valentine's Day in the best possible way with high-quality cocktails.
Here are 6 cocktails, including classics and new, innovative twists, to represent pure romance.
A refreshing Margarita that makes Jose Cuervo Tequila shine with a touch of agave syrup.

An unmissable contemporary classic for every season. Ketel One, Cointreau's sweet-spicy orange, cranberry, and lime: a perfect balance of sweet and tangy. It became popular thanks to the TV series "Sex and the City", recognized today as the most glamorous cocktail.

 Bulleit Bourbon with a hint of aromatic bitter and orange.

Rich Bulleit Bourbon meets lemon for a refreshing whiskey cocktail.

An unusual, fresh and fragrant version of Vodka Sour with a touch of elderflower.

A signature NIO Cocktails aperitif: rose petals, almonds, and orange Curaçao create a floral cocktail with Tanqueray Gin.

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NIO Cocktails are made with the finest spirits and liqueurs, with no preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors

Hand-mixed in Italy with the best spirits from all over the world

At home or away, enjoy a high quality and exciting tasting experience with NIO Cocktails. Treat yourself or give someone you love a delightful sensory moment: our cocktails are created using the recipes of Patrick Pistolesi and shipped in designer packaging that is entirely recyclable.